Clark & Howell

Title Search


Congratulations! The offer on the home of your dreams was accepted. 

Now, the focus is on the due diligence. Once you’ve set into motion the appraisal, the inspection, finalize the financing, all you have to do is wait for the closing. 

What could go wrong? 

In most cases nothing, but the reason hundreds of people turn to Jeffery J. Clark of Clark & Howell every year is to prevent things from going wrong. And the best way to prevent problems is to have someone represent your interests at the closing.

Did you know title company employees cannot provide you legal advice? 

Or that the realtor represents the buyer and not your interests.  So, if questions come up, who will answer them with your best interests in mind?  

Questions like:

  • “What are restrictive covenants?”
  • “Which ones are enforceable?”
  • “Can restrictive covenants affect additions or property improvements?” 

Attorney Clark has answered dozens of questions like these over the years and given his clients the opportunity to make an informed decision.

And he’ll also provide a thorough title examination. It might appear an easy task to track ownership of a property but there can be complications.  And errors occur more than title companies will admit.

Here are some concerns a properly filed title examination will address:  

  • Did any of the former owners declare bankruptcy and was it resolved properly?
  • Was the home foreclosed upon at any time and again was it resolved?
  • Were any of the previous owners involved in a lawsuit brought upon by former business partners?
  • Are there any federal tax liens? 

Unfortunately these issues become apparent only at a later date, when you attempt to sell or refinance the property. Avoid this situation with an attorney who has helped hundreds of people successfully close property sales and transfers, attorney Jeffery J. Clark of Clark & Howell.