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Breach of Contract


It’s an unfortunate situation when two parties end up in court for breach of contract. Many breach of contract cases in Maine involve homeowners and contractors.  Our Firm recently handled a case for a homeowner who was sued by a subcontractor for an alleged breach of contract due to incomplete payment.  Learn more about how the Firm successfully defended the homeowner against the subcontractor's claims. Defending Against a Breach of Contract Claim Made by a Subcontractor.

Remedies & Compensations   

Remedies and compensations for a breach of a commercial contract are typically specified in the contract itself.  In theory, the parties to a commercial contract should be able to avoid litigation in the event of a breach of contract, but if a solution cannot be worked out, please contact us to assist you. 

Avoid Contract Disputes

A breach of contract dispute that ends up in court delays payment and adds stress to one’s life.  It’s best to avoid this situation. Have a clear understanding of the contract and each party’s responsibility before you sign. Should you have a question, concern or lack of clarity we’re here to help you with sound legal advice.