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New Website Look 10/17/2018

Clark & Howell is proud to present our new website look, a fresh update from Saco Design, Inc. Stay tuned for more updates and blog posts.

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How to Hire a Great Business Lawyer? 8/16/2018

A good foundation is crucial in starting any business and one of the pillars that keep a business stout and upright is a great business lawyer. As a business owner, you want to allot your focus and energy in running and growing the business…

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Intoxication As A Defense? 10/8/2015

Self-induced intoxication is unavailable as a defense to a crime where the culpable mental state is recklessness. Self-induced intoxication is available as a defense where the culpable state of mind requires knowledge or intent. If the State…

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Evicting a Tenant 9/5/2013

At Clark & Howell we represent both landlords and tenants in eviction matters.  The legal process in Maine for evicting a person from a residential or commercial property is known as “forcible entry and detainer.”  Maine has very specific…

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Title Search 2/27/2013

Congratulations! The offer on the home of your dreams was accepted.  Now, the focus is on the due diligence. Once you’ve set into motion the appraisal, the inspection, finalize the financing, all you have to do is wait for the closing.  …

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Proud Members of Greater York Region Chamber 11/26/2012

At Clark & Howell we’re big fans of buying local and being part of the community.  It’s why we’re proud members of the Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce.  Our Chamber of Commerce has an exceptional staff and board.  We urge you to join. …

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York, ME Oil Dealer Wins Challenge Against Maine Revenue Service 11/7/2012

Attorney Matt Howell of Clark & Howell, LLC, a law firm in York, Maine represented James and Janet Welch in a successful challenge to a tax assessment made by Maine’s taxing authority.  The Maine Revenue Service assessed a tax against Welch…

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Independent Contractor Legal Update 10/17/2012

If you hire workers as Independent Contractors you need to be aware of a significant change in Maine tax law. The Maine Legislature has clarified the definition of an independent contractor and if you misclassify a worker as a contractor when…

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Breach of Contract 6/25/2012

It’s an unfortunate situation when two parties end up in court for breach of contract. Many breach of contract cases in Maine involve homeowners and contractors.  Our Firm recently handled a case for a homeowner who was sued by a subcontractor…

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